The Mended Hearts, Inc., affiliated with the American Heart Association, is a nonprofit educational, tax-deductible organization that has been providing hope to heart patients, their families and caregivers for more than fifty years.

Mended LITTLE Hearts
is having a major fundraising event in partnership with ALL Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) Restaurants in the Dayton area, including the Oxford and Richmond areas. The theme of the event will be ‘Join us on HEART day during HEART month to support our HEART kids’. 

This event will be held on Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14, 2011 from 11:00am-until closing at ALL ten (10) Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants in the Dayton, Oxford and Richmond area.  Donations will be made by Buffalo Wild Wings to the heart community work performed by Mended LITTLE Hearts. Print the appropriate flyer below and bring it you!

Dayton/Oxford Flyer | Cincinnati/Lebanon Flyer  


For many parents, hearing the heartbeat of their unborn child becomes their first, loving bond to that child. It’s no wonder that discovering their child has a heart defect, whether diagnosed in the womb, shortly after birth or during childhood, can be devastating.

Mended Little Hearts of Dayton, Ohio (MLH) is a new support program for parents of children with heart defects and heart disease is dedicated to inspiring hope in those who care for the littlest heart patients of all.

Mended Little Hearts connects families in crisis with other parents who have survived the shock of learning a child has a heart problem, navigated the maze of medical and insurance decisions and procedures and have mapped out a plan for the future.

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- Up to 1.3 million Americans alive today have a congential heart defects;
. one half of these are under the age of 25.

- Approximately 9 out of 1,000 infants are born with CHD each year - 36,000
. babies per year in the U.S. alone!

- There is no know cause for most heart defects in children; anyone could have a
. child with a heart defect. There is an assumption that the cause of the defects is
. genetic, but only a few genes have been linked to heart defects.

- The presence of a serious congenital heart defect often results in an enormous
. emotional and financial strain on young families at a very vulnerable time.
. Patient/family education is an important part of successful coping.

* American Heart Association: Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2008