Our Mission
Mended Hearts, affiliated with the American Heart Association, is a support group for heart trauma patients serving patients in Dayton area hospitals. We are dedicated to inspiring hope in heart disease patients and their families.

Our Members
We're like the very people we serve - heart patients and families - sharing our experiences as we offer hope. Healthcare professionals also join our mission by providing their expertise and support.

Our Methods
We partner with local hospitals and rehabilitation clinics to help those affected by heart disease to have a positive patient-care experience. We provide our services through visiting programs, support group meetings and educational forums.
Support Groups - After diagnosis, treatment or surgery for heart disease, patients and families have serious concerns and strong feelings...often questioning why they became ill and how to prevent future problems. Communication is key to coping. That's why we have monthly group meetings where heart patients and families support one another.

Health Information Workshops - Vairous healthcare professionals provide valuable information and answer questions at chapter meetings and at other special meetings.

Accredited visitors, with support of hospitals and clinics, serve heart patients by listening, sharing their experiences and empathizing with their anxieties and concerns. Heart patients and families gain hope by meeting our members, who have survived heart disease and are healthy.


OUur trained volunteers offer online support, answer questions and help locate resources. If you would like to talk to an Internet Visitor about your conditions and concerns, please visit our National Website at www.mendedhearts.org.